Patrolling in VietNam war 1/35 Pro Built Painted

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Kit Review

Master box have very kindly sent us their Vietnam era set - It’s fair to say that we don’t have enough figures from this era so any release will be gladly received. - lets have a look if they are up to the usual MasterBox standard...
Review – MasterBox kit 3599 –“Patrolling” Vietnam War series
This is the new MasterBox Vietnam War era set; simply called ‘Patrolling’ it’s made up of 5 figures, all on two sprues of tan styrene - let's have a look...

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The Box art depicts the four American soldiers talking with a local (to make the 5 figures) the box is split in two, with one half being black while the bottom is white (the same as all MB releases) there is also the ‘air cav’ insignia on the box, anyone who’s watched the film ‘we were soldiers’ will remember seeing this insignia on the huey’s and the soldiers left shoulder.

There is a seam on some parts (the shoulders of each figure and around some of back packs) but a swipe of a sharp blade will quickly solve this, very small issue. Each figure is broken down into 6 parts, head, torso, legs and arms (the soldiers have more parts, but this is due to their ‘kit’)  

Each soldier has a back pack, and there are plenty of knifes, grenades, canteens etc. included to give your soldiers that well prepared for anything that might happen ‘look’.

The detail on the uniforms is very nice and will be a joy to paint; there are locating pins and holes on the soldiers to allow for easy placement of their equipment, each soldier is given the option of a steel helmet, or two different ‘bush hats’ a nice touch.



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