Head for Huey - 5 figures in VietNam war 1/35 Pro Built Painted

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Kit Review

“Get to ze chopuuuuuhhhh!!” ( Arnie accent) is immediately what came to mind when I saw this new kit from MasterBox in the Ukraine -  it features five special forces figures escaping from “Victor Charlie” somewhere in Vietnam ( or maybe next door in Laos?) anyway let’s look at the kit to see what if the chopper turns up…

 photo 110107-F-3431H-271_zps59f38da4.jpg

The new kit from the Vietnam era series “Head for the Huey” contains two sprues of injection moulded plastic  - one full of soldiers and the other sprue containing the large load of equipment these soldiers carried on their long marches in that country. Before we dive in and look let’s look at the package itself and the instructions.

That’s it – there aren’t any instructions really – the sprues are shown on the back of the box and are numbered and next to this on the rear of the box are the soldiers painted up and constructed, showing where the numbers go. This is perfectly ok on a small kit like this as there isn't that much scope to become lost in the parts of the sprues – although there are quite a few this isn't a demandingly technical kit and you should even be able to make it without instructions as very helpfully MasterBox has grouped each of the soldier’s parts together on a corner of the sprue tree - Nice thinking there..

 photo MB35107HeadfortheHuey20_zps0497da45.jpg

 photo MB35107HeadfortheHuey21_zps758f3938.jpg

The good thing about each of these soldiers is that there are plenty of options to differentiate them from each other whilst they still look like they are from the same outfit - this is a great improvement on some other kits whose soldiers all carry the same gear and thus don't look any different – as real people in a similar uniform do look.

If you are looking for some soldiers that are getting to “Ze chopaaaah” then you are in luck with this set. A bit of clean-up of the seams and details will leave you with a great set for your Vietnam (or Cambodian) diorama.

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